What should I be looking for in a commercial cleaning company?

That all depends on what you need done. Almost any reputable company can do basic cleaning services, but if you are looking for comprehensive services, including floor work, carpets, window, supplies, etc…you need a company that can handle that.

What makes you different from other companies?

We aren’t interested in just underbidding our competition to get a quick, short term job. We endeavor to build long lasting relationships with our customers. Many of our customers have been with us for decades.

Why is there such a difference in the prices I get from different cleaning companies?

Some cleaning companies have no intention of fulfilling their contracts. They just want to get a quick job for as long as they can keep them, then move on. Many companies do not have adequate insurance, hire illegal workers, or pay people under the table. All of which can cause serious problems for your business if there is ever an accident.

We have excellent insurance, hire only legal workers who all receive proper training and supervision, and we use only the best equipment and supplies.

How do you price jobs?

We quote jobs based on square footage, scope of work, and the time it will realistically take to complete the job to your specifications.

Why should we choose At Your Service Janitorial Plus, Inc?

We are big enough to handle all of your cleaning needs. We have decades of proven experience satisfying the janitorial needs of New England businesses. We do excellent work at a competitive price. We care about our customers, and work tirelessly to make sure they are happy.

Do you just provide basic janitorial services?

No, we provide a wide array of services. We do floors, carpets, windows, regular maintenance, as well as special jobs such as warehouse cleanups, shop floors cleanings, real estate turnovers, and much more.

Give us a call and let us provide you with a free quote today!